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Antilope: The Show Manager

Antilope is a show manager released as SaaS product that allows you to manage stuff, staff and transport directly from an interactive calendar interface

Create your show, add materials and staff and share it with your collaborators

Atilope allows you to manage with a simple interface everything that is connected with the creation and editing of sports events, conferences, concerts and much more.
Simply by selecting dates on the calendar with a drag, you can create your show and associate the materials in stock, the competent staff and also the transport of your fleet. Four modules and many features allow you to manage with ease and speed all events without having to resort to uncomfortable spreadsheets.
Did we already tell you that you can also insert attachments?

  • Show - Manage your show and events directly from the calendar interface.
  • Stuff - Manage your warehouse and availability.
  • Staff - Manage people who work or collaborate with you.
  • Transport - Manage the transport of your fleet.

Antilope: Modularity

The modularity of Antilope allows to construct a system suitable for your needs

Show and Events

"Show and Events" is the basic module of Antilope, allows you to create, edit and manage show and events: you can set basic parameters such as dates, title, location and notes, categorize shows and, depending on the activation of the other modules, add and delete stuff, staff and transport.

Warehouse & Stuff

"Warehouse & Stuff" is the module that allows the insertion and management of stuffs in stock. For each it is possible to insert generic data such as stuff family, weight or image, or it is possible to set specific data such as serial number, internal code or availability status.


"Staff" is the module for managing staff inside or outside the company. In addition to basic data, such as telephone numbers and email addresses, you can categorize the employee based on specific tasks and skills, as well as check their availability on specific shows.


"Transport" is the module that allows you to manage the vehicles of the company fleet, associating them with specific events and knowing when and where they are in use. It is possible to indicate the license plate, an id name and some notes such as volume or transportable weight.

Calendar Interface

A click from your shows

From its intuitive calendar interface you can generate an event or modify an existing one, you can filter by category or color associated, all just a click away

Attached documents and images

Attach documents in PDF with floor plans, technical data sheets, permits or information of any kind to the events you create.

You can also add images to materials in your warehouse or travel permits and vehicle passbooks.

Upload the files you need directly to the cloud and have them available wherever you are.

External Portal

Share event information with external collaborators without activating an account for each one.

You can share information related to the events you create with collaborators and staff outside the company by sending a simple link and without the need to enable login to the platform for each of them.

Just activate a check mark on the share box and the system will generate a unique link that you can send by email or via your favourite messaging app. With a click on the shared link you can view information from any device, it's only needed a web browser!

Antilope: Features

All the features you can find in Atilope

  • Stuff management
  • Staff management
  • Transport management
  • Show tipify by colours and custom category
  • Calendar Interface
  • Attachments upload
  • Search and filter for all modules
  • External Portal to share shows
  • Delivery note
  • Export to excel stuff list
  • Multi user with roles
  • Localization for languages and time zone

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Antilope is secure, scalable and adaptable to your needs


The prices shown are for 12-month prepayments


Antilope is an Italian project born, developed and maintained by two independent programmers. For any need for information, customization or assistance, please contact us, we are at your disposal to respond to your questions.
Do you have an idea to improve the platform? Let us know, we could consider to include it in the development roadmap

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